Ifluxus: Object – Collection.

Sis nian

Hair c1912

Hair collected from bed of Pius 10, purchased from estate of late Sister Nina 1912.

Small silver container- engraved

“Bless you Nina”c1905…

Ernst Kirchner

Pills c1934 Collection of pills from top drawer desk, Ernest Kirchner Purchased at Davos by TB 1934. Type unknown, pack of 40, 3 are missing -100mg white

Mark’s mark

Moleskin diary c1987

Diary of former painter Mark Rothko-found by Claudia in bin New Hampshire 1987

Signed, ‘Marky” several pages joined by thick fluid.

Several small erotic drawings (enclosed) – Teethmarks on spine

Bed Pius

Wooden 4 poster Clerics bed c1912:

Bed of Pope Pius x- purchased at Oxfam shop Rome by TB 1965Wooden bed, several knife marks on left pillar.

Small heart carved rear of bed “Nina forever”

Unidentified stains on sheets, pillow case and mattress.


Rot’s lunch


Bread loaf c 1987:

Mr Dieter Rot’s last meal:

Bequest to Claudia 1987Signed:

To “Claudia with love” in felt pen. Slight mold on crust.



Toilet Brush and Holder c 1956:

Mr Marcel Duchamps toilet brush: purchased at auction 1956 – East Berlin by TB and Claudia:

Signed Marcel-Selvay -biro on upper handle

3 small stains on left hand side of brush

Cigarette/cigar burn on holder.


Siggy’s eyes

Leather case and glasses: Vienna:c1947

A Mr Sigmund Freuds Glasses – purchased by Claudia 1947

From the Estate of Mary Bergen – Freuds cleaner 1923-45

Bottom arm chewed of left glass Food stain on lens

Der house

Photograph House and land c 1957

House of late Carl Glottermann and family:

House Purchased by Claudia from estate 1957

Some damage to left hand corner

Front step step signed “God bless this home”

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