Images:Line Book

1/02/2014:TB has special memories from this time which were documented in his distinctive line drawings from this period. This was an important time in his life as he was separated from Claudia and placed in the “new” school run by men in black who rarely smiled.

The school also had men in grey suits always smelling of cheap wine and with bags ringing out the sound of bottles empty and full at all times of the day.Often TB was required to attend “camps/retreats” run by the dark school on the hill.

These traumatic events/frightening experiences far away from Claudia and were recorded in the famous “line Book” by TB held in the ifluxus archives:TB has gratefully allowed the ifluxus team permission to reproduce images from the Line book on condition the captions only are published.Line book: p 12″TB…..often during the night we heard the soft sounds of black polished shoes on polished lino – late in the night. Beds disturbed and friends gone – then returned later to sob through the morning……nothing ever said…nothing ever said…”They came in the nightLine Book: p 15″TB Some exercises were very strange and involved a group of grinning staff sure of their powers, cameras and grins…nothing ever said…”The Strange exercises Camp No 12

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