Ifluxus: The life of TB

TB:Archive pic 4532 Vol 4 – The Early Years:Excerpts from  TB’s famed diary “ ifluxus“and his ground breaking religious text

 ” The whores of Cana”pp12: ………I have a constant dream of facing my head into the folds of a nun’s habit as she raises a long wooden rod above my head and grasps my other hand by the wrist.

 The room is an old kitchen with walls filled with images of bearded men and thorny hearts bursting from their chests.

 The nun is smiling, I can hear the wind as the rod comes down through my hand and into a set of wooden beads.

 Looking down all I see are gnarled toes peering from brown sandals and the smell of stale blood coming from her whirling garb. The bitch was on heat again I would be back in the kitchen again and again this week.

NB: Many years later the Baron was able to purchase some of the nun’s garments, the rest we believe were burnt to prevent any investigation gathering evidence into church habits:

The bitch clothing was mine

pp 13….and I made up my mind to possess the images she would kneel in front often with her hands embedded deep in her clothing, arms moving in rhythm and that low long groan in the pew- the only time I would see her smile – those clothes would be mine one day I thought as I clutched my wooden beads.

 sthe faceThese early thought of TB began the process of ifluxus….:

NB: The passages relating to the TB’s later activites with the nun’s clothing and “face on wall” are still not available to the public and are to be released 10 years after the death of both the TB and Claudia.

The ifluxus team respect their wishes.

pp14…….we had a real friend in our dog Mannix (Mani) who would greet us at our front door when we returned from the dark school on the hill.

Our cat Considine (Consi) never showed the closeness of Mannix who we thought understood what we went through day after day on the hill……we both agreed that on his passing we would have him stuffed and placed near the front door, where he stands to this day……

.mannix the dogNB:more excerpts to follow from the ifluxus diary Volume 1:Volume 1- The early yearsVolume 2 – AdolescenceVolume 3 – RevengeVolume 4 – Life on the roadVolume 5 – ifluxus returnsVolume 6 – Genesis and “The Whores of Cana” controversyVolume 7 – The trials

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