12/10/10 – Q. Barry: Is there any point making art in such a resource poor energy deficient country such as the USA?. TB: Barry, the collapse of the USA and its second defeat in my lifetime is simply history repeating itself – if Rome and Hitler were to fall then the US was certain to go south!. The TV evangelists are preaching economics/politics and the politicians are preaching religion/moral values. Art in such a hostile environment needs to be “thin”. Thin will stand out in your obese art environment more than a shout/screaming dialogue. Remember you have your mass media to provide “eye candy” so Art USA 2011 may be a just a obese middle class womb to sit and ponder in? Enjoy the view it may get worse.

13/10/10 – Q: Lukas. Hi Baron, you provided help to friend of mine and she recommended you re my particular problem. Am I talented? How will I know?TB: A tricky question Lukas. Often I am asked to look at works,performances, happenings and things. My response is often based around what I have eaten previously that day or night. Perhaps talent etc is reaction of the gut not a retinal/logical exercise. Perhaps have good meal with friends, check bank balance and then look at your work ?

16/10/06 – Q: Anne. Baron you or Claudia rarely show your own work since your retrospective, why? TB: Yes Anne we are at present completing a ifluxus tour of the world looking at art work/performances that begin with the letters F to L. Claudia was surprised by the reaction to her work at the Retrospective and especially concerning the Art performance of “The miracle of the Whores of Cana” with myself as Jesus the carpenter/joiners son and the six porn stars. A lot of controversy regarding the coat hanger. But be assured we will be presenting more work on the web site very shortly.

14/10/06 – Q: Mawanda. Baron you often mention your like for the art of Africa, what is that attracts you to these pieces?TB: It was the joy that what they knew this was not Art!17/10/10 – Q: Singhis. Why do-you both keep collecting for the ifluxus museum, you must have 1000’s of pieces?TB: Yes

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