28/08/10 – Q. Wun Chee: Hi Baron it is difficult in a land of over 1 billion people to be heard, yet I have something to say and I think it’s important. TB: A real problem here Wun Chee. Mostly art is produced and promoted in a cup, small and a familar shape envoirenment. A land of 1 billion will require a different approach, but if your successful how will you cope with demand? The approach required is one of remaining very quiet – this will make you stand out and be easily seen as a person of some depth. When approached and asked “why are you so quiet” show them your work and all will be understood!

27/08/10 – Q: Andrew. I am working in Digital Media and find it boring, but have been taught nothing else, What can I do?

TB: Very sad to hear that Andrew, but you are not alone. Perhaps try looking for people with “gnarled” hands, or missing fingers to meet the practical side of existence. Create something to repalce the air around you. No harm in trying!

29/08/10 – Q: Michelle. Thanks for the help in 2005 Baron, just a line to let you know I am still trying to recover from the theories of the art womb salaried slaves. Lately I have noticed that many exhibitions are held in disused factories? Is this trend?

TB: Yes Michelle, many artists are filling the void left by the collapse of the rust industries. Often it is a sad sight to see artworks displayed in these old cathederals of steam and metal. How puny the works look and how weak the effort compared to the previous occupants of the space.

04/03/11 – Q: Akhiro. Often Baron you talk of the importance of staying within your culture and not placing “the step” as content in work. It is difficult in Asia where western media and dress/thought codes are so dominant and used as symbols of progress. Any ideas on how to be elevant in these global markets of digital-denim?

TB: I agree Akhiro that to see yourself as you are and not mirrored by somebody else is becoming difficult, as difficult as the red indians found the colonists, as the blacks of Australia found the british-but you must not consign yourself to history dustbin to be dug up later by socialogists in khaki shorts with small brushes accompanied by american college students doing Archai 205 in summer recess. Hold your ground. Put the floor down first!

07/03/11 – Q: Miroslav. Does all my work have to end up on a laptop or 0+1 screen?

TB: No! Go and make yourself a sandwich and slowly drink a cup of coffee. Leave no record of this event.

 09/04/11 – Q:George. When will it end?

TB: Very soon according to the evangelists, shortly according to the financial markets, never according to the scientists, but you can be assured it will end with a fumble!

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