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NB: Questions from Volume 23B – the period 12/03/1996 – 12/07/2006 are now archived at Ifluxus HQ: These are available for study on presentation of academic credentials – or a driving licence with the surname beginning with F.Archives pending:

Volume 23B/1453F:21/07/2010 – Q. Frank: Dear Baron: I am an 27 yr old Artist working in the media of ink and paper, everyday my hands get so grimy and yet they look so much more interesting than my prints! Can you helpAlas Frank there is no answer to this important question, apart from removing your hands, or getting a “values and mission” based job in a paper based office environment working with a”team”. Perhaps an audience of one is your role in art?

24/07/2010 – Q. Helen: Hi Baron, I am an american and long to be an artist like Helen ( Robert Motherwell’s spouse), or Sophie ( Han Arp’s spouse). I am married to Bill who works in an auto plant and drives a pick up truck with an confederate flag on the bumper. I really am at wits end! Can you helpDear Helen, your role is like that of many american female artists who have completed Arts 101 and done the 12 hours of studio practice and are suddenly lost outside of the College womb. Many casually dressed lecturers find themselves in the same state of mind. Perhaps signing up for Arts/Modern 701 in the fall semester is the answer?

30/07/2013 – Q. Antonio: Hi Baron, I am having trouble framing my thoughts, what can I do?TB: No problem Antonio, try the edgeless IKEA “Honiert” framing system, to be found just near the 12 metre house mock-up layout on Floor 1.

12/08/2010 – Q. Edward: Dear Baron since 9/11 I am at a loss to try and put any powerful images down on a piece of paper/ canvas/21 in wide screen or any other receptor.TB: I agree Edward the overthrow of Allende was a shock to all of us, just take your time and stay away from the Media industry – perhaps read a book or comic of your choice and slowly rebuild your world again. It worked for me

14/03/2014 – Q. Frances: I really must comment on the question from Edward, my grandmother died on 9/11 2010 and it took me several books and comics to find a “floor” again, thanks for your help Baron,TB: Anytime Frances, please let me know what comics or books you thought helpful in recovering from the events of the overthrow on

9/11.15/02/2014 – Q. Mary: I have attended many lectures at Art School on Fluxus and am confused !TB: I understand Mary, the Baron attended similar lectures by tired art officials in stale air lecture rooms or tutorials in plywood chairs. I found that if I listened to every second word and discarded nouns ( it was a compulsory lecture) then the focus returned to the casually dressed lecturer and I had a feeling of great sadness for their salaried slavery. I imagined them at weekly staff meetings and immediately felt a surge of Fluxism in the images and phrases of their battle for survival in the Art School womb.

17/02/2010 – Q. George: I like to make things but my friends want me to either make digital art or become a performer, what should I do as it is making me sad!TB: Well George in the words of ifluxus, “stuff them”. You are being harassed by the “unimaginative” a by product of the Art School and-University womb. What they are really saying is join my boredom, join my mediocrity with digital expert systems (e,g it looks stupid…must be the program!) I suggest you go to your nearest hardware/DIY and purchase a toolbox and take it to your next lecture and ask them to identify it!

19/08/2010 – Q. Lorenzo: Often when I am working my mistakes end up stronger than my planned work, should I be worried? TB: Not a problem at all Lorenzo. You will often cross the distinction between planned boredom and the excitement of chance and error. The ‘handmade” is a chaotic path of discovery and invention.21/08/2010 – Q. Arturo: Why don’t people look at what I am doing? I have had exhibitions and no one comes except family and close friends. What is wrong with my drawings of 96 yr old Evelyn at play ?TB: Well Arturo – you need to ask- are you happy with the work? Does the body of Evelyn still hold the mystery and allure you noticed when you first began your work? What are you expecting of your audience? Is one ink drawing of Evelyn enough? Perhaps having the exhibition openings after evening meal is off putting to your guests? Still I admire your courage in drawing the future.

.27/01/2014 -Q. Clement: My question Baron concerns you!, Will you ever publish a photo of yourself and the mysterious Claudia? Did she marry the peruvian guerilla fighter after the events of 9/11 and Allende?TB: Alas Clement one of the precepts of ifluxus is to prevent the cult of the personality. We saw what it did to Mao, Stalin, Picasso, Duchamp and Nixon. Also many deskilled artists have become prone to selling themselves as works, this is living the life of a whore and can only lead to sadness and STD type illness’s.

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