ifluxus: TB travels

2/03/2011The archives of TB provide a rich tapestry showing his and Claudia’s travels in search of ifluxus ideas/objects, and images.

The archives will soon be uploaded as relatives of missing or dead shown in the images have been identified, where identification is not possible dental records will be accepted as proof and royalties paid.

This page will show-images in a chronological/ifluxus/memory order as directed by TB and Claudia.

The following institutions/groups are to be thanked for their co-operation and support in preparing the images and making this endeavour possible in a difficult re-fluxus environment:

  • Greenwich Time Observatory
  • Max Planck Institute of Physics
  • Post Office Research Laboratory ( Group engineering division)
  • Department of Defence (Psychology section Room 12B)
  • Dul Schuller
  • Google Inc (15/12/2010)
  • Savva Institute of Drug Research ( abandoned)
  • Thomas Bernhard Institute of paragraph research
  • Taggerty University of Art and Geo-Science
  • The Workers Forum of Libusin
  • Society of support for Dieter Rot/Wolf Vostell/Merzbau
  • Internal combustion engine clinic
  • The ‘Toolbox” discussion forum of Art Events
  • Terminal Art Works – Peter J Rosman Foundation
  • The Hilda R and Ernest R collection of moving images-Malvern
  • The Society of European spelling and paragraphing
  • F Pessoa multiple personality tour – Lisbon
  • Centre for the discussion re: Pius 10/Sister Nina (special thanks to the late Monsignor Vitcania)
  • Society of Industrial measuring devices – special thanks to ing Joseph Hauser
  • The surviving members of the Theo Page admiration society

The timeline of publication is being prepared by Tb and Claudia and their legal advisors/Shaman/etc:

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