ifluxus : WTF

Ifluxus is a site dedicated to the work of the Baron Friedrich ( known to all as TB) who discovered that a misspelt/misplaced word/image can be as meaningful as a spelling checker text and became the founder of the ifluxus movement.

The ifluxus team is dedicated to promoting a fluxus view of history religions, politics and the antics of evangelists in a digital world.Born in a dark forest several years ago, the son of “special people” TB has worked ceasely to promote the ideals of ifluxus and others. Together with his sister Claudia, TB has provided help to countless artists and non-believers through his publications and website.

This site will be constantly/often/usually updated with texts and images of work by the ifluxus team during 2014-2015 with the support of TB and Claudia.

Resources from Ifluxus foundation:

IFLUXUS DIARY:Vol 1 “the early years”IFLUXUS: The rare 3rd Edition of “The True Bible” containing lost epistles on ” The whores of Cana” and the startling new ending thought lost! Was Mary raped by a roman soldier during the seige of Nazareth!

And the acclaimed IFLUXUS HD: The foundations resources of 3000+ terrabytes of TB’s and Claudia works/texts/projects etc

The Diary of TBLost Bibleterrabyte

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